Hatha Beginners

Course with a maximum of 5 participants

1 Introduction to Hatha Yoga

Standing asanas

60 minutes


2 Introduction to Hatha Yoga

lying asanas backside

60 minutes


3 Introduction to Hatha Yoga

lying  asanas stomach

  60 minutes _______________________________________________


4 Introduction to Hatha Yoga

Sitting asanas

60 minutes


5 Hatha Yoga sequence

no theory

90 minutes


6 standing asanas

60 minutes ________________________________________________


7 lying asanas backside

60 minutes


8 lying asanas stomach

60 minutes


9 seated asanas

60 minutes ________________________________________________


10 Hatha Yoga sequence

no theory

90 minutes


11 short repetitions of all asanas

Questions about asanas

60 minutes


12 Hatha Yoga sequence

no theory

Outro meditation

90 minutes

4 week online course

In this course you will learn the asanas of Hatha Yoga. You get used to the positions and take care of your body every hour. You learn to hear inwardly and to perceive what yoga can do for you. Find your own limit, stay in that position and focus your breathing.


The first 4 hours are repeated so that you have mastered the asanas and can use them to the full. Little by little you can use the resulting advantages for yourself and bring them to your private practice.


In order to achieve the best possible result, try to meet all deadlines when you have decided on the course.


For the course you will receive a small overview with all information about the course and the respective hours and, if desired, a certificate with a confirmation of participation (+ 5.00 €) Limited number of participants!


12 Hatha Yoga beginners lessons s


pread over 4 weeks


3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday always at 5 p.m.


These dates cannot be booked individually


Limited number of participants


You are free to keep all appointments, but no refund will be guaranteed if you fail to do so.


Including mat and trial use, tea after each unit (not with online course) & a small, more detailed overview of the course content


Next meetings:

always Mon + Wed + Fri




Feb 01 - Feb 26, 2021 online

March 01 - March 26, 2021 online

05 Apr - 30 Apr 2021 online


always at 5 p.m.



with Jagmeet from India)

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